Branding - Corporate Identity Design

Project Description

AprilVets, a forward-thinking veterinary startup headquartered in Canada, approached us with a goal—to evolve their preliminary logo concept into a compelling, approachable, and unmistakable brand identity.

The key objective was to cultivate a cohesive brand that would consistently resonate with their target audience across various channels and seamlessly integrate across veterinary clinics, digital assets, and media platforms.

Project specifics

  • Brand Definition
  • Naming Convention
  • Logo Development
  • Colors and Fonts
  • Brand Architecture
  • Imagery Guidelines
  • Brand Voice & Tone
Unveiling the Brand

Uncovering the brand's essence

Through a rigorous process of deep-dive interviews, customer analysis, and competitive benchmarking, we gained invaluable insights that guided our design strategy for the AprilVets corporate branding project.

Building the Brand

Defining the design framework

Leveraging the insights from the initial stage, we developed a comprehensive design framework that defined the brand's core values, messaging, and visual direction.

Our mission was to evolve their preliminary logo into a timeless brand identity for AprilVets, considering their franchise model and future collaborations.

Shaping the Brand

Creating a compelling corporate brand

Informed by the brand essence and strategy, we created a compelling visual language tested for audience resonance.

This included a distinctive logo, cohesive color palette, and engaging typography, ensuring a memorable brand experience.

Ensuring Brand Cohesion

Developing brand usage guidelines

To ensure consistent and effective brand presentation, we developed comprehensive brand application guidelines for AprilVets.

These guidelines empower them to maintain a unified experience and maximize the impact of their brand identity across all touchpoints.