The Barefoot Strategist Community Management Research

Community Management – The Barefoot Strategist

Client The Barefoot Strategist (TBS) Project Community management Project Description The Barefoot Strategist, a renowned strategy consultancy brand, aimed to launch and grow an online community to educate and engage their audience. They needed a strategic approach to foster meaningful connections and establish them as a thought leader within the category. This case study demonstrates […]

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Paydoor Logo Design Grid

Logo Design – Paydoor

Paydoor – Logo Design Paydoor, a pioneering escrow solution designed to bridge trust between online vendors and customers, wanted a minimalist and impactful logo to represent their brand identity. We partnered with them to design a logo that effectively communicated their core value of trust and security while aligning with their minimalist aesthetic preference. The […]

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AprilVets Digital Marketing Performance

Digital Marketing – AprilVets

Client AprilVets Project Digital Marketing Project Description AprilVets, a fresh face in the Canadian veterinary landscape, needed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to support their launch and ignite brand awareness. Their goal was to build a thriving pre-launch community, drive website traffic, and generate appointment bookings. Project specifics Content Creation Social Media Marketing Performance Marketing […]

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