The Barefoot Strategist (TBS)


Community management

Project Description

The Barefoot Strategist, a renowned strategy consultancy brand, aimed to launch and grow an online community to educate and engage their audience. They needed a strategic approach to foster meaningful connections and establish them as a thought leader within the category.

This case study demonstrates our expertise in crafting and executing successful community management plans, empowering businesses and individuals to build meaningful online connections with their audiences.

Project specifics

  • Strategy & research
  • Social media marketing
  • Community engagement
  • Community management
  • Content creation & curation
Understanding the Needs

Research and analyis

We began by understanding the Barefoot Strategist's vision for their online community and their target audience.

Through research and analysis, we identified opportunities for community growth and engagement aligned with their overall brand goals.

Crafting a Strategy

Community Management Strategy

We worked closely with The Barefoot Strategist to develop a comprehensive community strategy. This strategy outlined a clear roadmap for community growth, including:

  • Defining the specific demographics and interests of the ideal community member.
  • Establishing strategies to foster interaction and participation within the community.
  • Planning engaging content aligned with The Barefoot Strategist's expertise and audience interests.

Through our collaborative efforts, The Barefoot Strategist's online community thrived, becoming a valuable platform for knowledge sharing, interaction, and professional growth.

Bringing it to Life

Content creation and curation

Our team created high-quality content that resonated with the community, including:

  • Informative posts and insights related to The Barefoot Strategist's area of expertise.
  • Interactive polls and discussions to encourage participation and feedback from members.
  • Curated content from other relevant sources, ensuring a diverse and valuable resource for the community.
Activating the Community

Community moderation and engagement

We actively moderated the community to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all members. We fostered meaningful engagement by:

  • Responding to questions and comments from community members.
  • Facilitating discussions and encouraging healthy interactions.
  • Highlighting valuable contributions and celebrating achievements.